ContentSeer™ offers a range of solutions designed to help organizations gain competitive advantage.  These range from competitive intelligence and marketing to solutions focused on leveraging enterprise content for enhanced search and discovery.

Competitive Intelligence, Reputation and Risk

Automatically track your competitors as well as the industry regarding new health initiatives, policies, and management. ContentSeer™ provides rich analytics on media coverage, sentiment, topics, etc.  We provide valuable information on business events involving management changes, HR activities and more.   We can track comments being made by management or officials allowing for rapid identification of potential non-compliance issues.

ContentSeer™ covers a variety of verticals through its innovative categorization of content sources (grouped by genre, geographical location), as well as companies and brands (grouped by industry).  For example, it’s easy to set up a project to track your competitors in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe or Asia.  You can use the intuitive project set-up to select sources and companies to track for this task.

ContentSeer™ provides curation of company and brand names:  since such names tend to be ambiguous (e.g. Acme), we provide context-sensitive disambiguation so that customers are assured that the analytics correctly reflect the company name. Most keyword based social media listening platforms do not provide this service resulting in numerous false positives.

ContentSeer™ provides some unique analytics such as patent activity, FDA alerts, etc. which can be leveraged for specific vertical coverage. 


ContentSeer provides effective means of leveraging social media data in addition to enterprise data for effective marketing solutions.  Our marketing solutions allow you to:

  • Tag customer sentiment, customer intent, e.g. intent to purchase, abandon product, establishment or company, interest in luxury items, travel, etc.
  • Identify and reach out to key influencers
  • Identify and categorize voice of the customer feedback:  discover specific facilities, or staff that are being mentioned
  • Discover trends in customer feedback – what are customers are asking for?

ContentSeer™ can ingest both social media as well as e-mail, customer satisfaction surveys and other enterprise content to identify valuable information for marketing organizations.

Market Research 

ContentSeer™ provides access to all the relevant content to business decision making in one place – whether it’s your own data, news, industry specific content, or social media, it’s all available for search and discovery.  ContentSeer’s tags and categorizes content based on various  topics such as political, legal, HR, financial etc – this facilitates discovery of relevant information quickly.  This, combined with the other rich metadata allows users to search by:

  • Content source
  • Company, brand name
  • Topic
  • Location etc.

Furthermore, ContentSeer™ supports dynamic facets, so that you can automatically discover related organizations, people, places, etc. during a search.

The above features, combined with our reporting tools makes ContentSeer™ the must-have tool for market research, for any industry!

Enterprise Search and Discovery 

ContentSeer™ allows organizations to leverage their own content more effectively.   Content such as a company’s web pages, support documents, or other enterprise content is enriched with entities, topic labels, and other rich metadata.   Companies may opt for the enriched feeds to be used within their own search portals or mobile applications.  We interface with Content Management Systems (e.g. Sharepoint) and CRM systems.   We  provide deployment configurations for search engines that can leverage the enriched data for state-of-the-art search and discovery solutions.

ContentSeer™ Enterprise Search and Discovery solutions allow you to:

  • Tag content: Categorize documents and label topics,  Tag entitiesterminology to enhance existing applications
  • Enhance Search Results:  more relevant search results, including mobile;  enhanced query processing; Search optimization
  • Recommend links related to documents

ContentSeer™ Features & Benefits

ContentSeer™ is powered by a sophisticated language understanding system that represents a best-of-breed hybrid of linguistic and machine learning technologies.  This is in recognition of the fact that language is complex, and requires a wide arsenal of techniques to arrive at meaning.  ContentSeer’s NLP engine has been incorporated in a wide variety of solutions ranging from defense intelligence to healthcare, manufacturing & marketing.  It leverages numerous knowledge resources in order to deliver comprehensive content enrichment spanning numerous industries.   

ContentSeer™ is an integrated solution.  Content ingestion, contextual analysis of content, and visualization are all critical elements of a comprehensive content enrichment and analytics solution. Many solutions do just one or two of these things. ContentSeer  does all three, including semantic search capabilities.

Features & Benefits

ContentSeer Features & Benefits

What We Provide

  • Superior entity, relationship, event extraction that captures real meaning and relationships across multiple verticals
  • Native language semantic analysis in Chinese, Arabic,  and other languages
  • A complete solution with integrated content acquisition, enrichment, and analytics dashboard
  • Powerful Semantic Search capabilities
  • Configurable
  • Flexible deployment options that deliver enriched data for business intelligence and reporting applications
  • Experts in text mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and search
  • Rated #1 by US Government

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ContentSeer™, our flagship content analytics platform, helps organizations leverage their own data along with thousands of external sources such as social media, news, and government publications through context-sensitive language understanding. This combined view provides rich insight that is not available through solutions designed for social media alone and enhances mission critical enterprise solutions involving analytics, search, discovery and reporting.

The ContentSeer™ Console is an interactive web portal where users can effectively leverage all the enriched content for their various mission critical tasks.  In particular, users can set up projects corresponding to various analytical needs.  Setting up a project is as easy as selecting content sources, companies/brands/topics to track, as well as desired analytics. ContentSeer™ provides a library of analytics “widgets” for users to choose from, allowing them to customize a dashboard. Ritzy Knives used ContentSeer to help its online shop selling wholesale Damascus knives. The online shop has discovered consumer insights.

ContentSeer™ also includes intuitive search and discovery, allowing users to search on a large volume of real-time content.  Our faceted search allows drill-down based on companies/brands, sources, topics, etc.  We also show “discovered” entities such as people, organizations, products, etc.   Users can construct reports based on analytics and search results: we support emailing and alerting as well.

ContentSeer™ is designed for maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements.  The three main components include our Ingest, Enrich and Harvest modules.   These culminate in the ContentSeer™ Console discussed above.  Our solutions are available as a hosted service (SaaS) or as licensed software deployable on private clouds.

ContentSeer™ Ingest

ContentSeer Ingest allows for the processing of multiple types of data with a single system.  We can process news, social media, and enterprise data with a single application.  ContentSeer is able to load multiple configurations at once so a single instance can handle any type of content.  ContentSeer supports data in many different formats using a variety of delivery methods.

  • ContentSeer is able to understand XML, JSON, MS Word, PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.
  •  Customers can deliver data to ContentSeer via API, FTP, email, RSS, etc.
  • We will work with the customer to design a custom interface if that is needed to fit their specific application

ContentSeer™ Enrich

Through deep natural language processing we are able to identify and label many complex elements within a document:

  • Named Entities, Relationships and events
  • Geo-location, Time Normalization
  • Terminology and Sentiment

We are also able to detect more complex elements like:

  • Customer Intent, interest
  • Document Classification (IPTC, ICD-10, etc.)
  • Trending Topics across multiple documents
  • Entity Profiles

ContentSeer™ supports native language processing of several languages, including complex languages such as Chinese and Arabic.

ContentSeer™ Harvest

The best way of leveraging all the enriched content is through the ContentSeer™ Console mentioned above.  However,  ContentSeer also can be used by organizations who have invested in business intelligence and search tools but still wish to incorporate our content enrichment services. Our output can be delivered in a variety of formats and with different delivery methods. 

  • Output Formats:  XML, Solr XML, JSON, CSV

ContentSeer™ Healthcare

Content Savvy offers two compelling, hosted solutions for the healthcare industry.

ContentSeer Console: Analytics as a Service for Healthcare Management and Administration

Curated Health Content: for Personalized Patient Engagement Portals

ContentSeer™ Console for Healthcare Management and Administration

How do you monitor patient feedback that could be helpful in marketing or foreshadowing a risk to your organization?

How are you managing the sea of information regarding critical healthcare issues from multiple sources such as regulatory, CMS, FDA, and the Department of Health?

How much time do you spend utilizing search engines trying to get relevant health content from news, social media, specialized health content etc.?

ContentSeer™ is unique to the Healthcare industry and provides content analytics as a service enabling healthcare organizations to leverage “big data” for real-time competitive advantage and smarter decision making.  ContentSeer™ combines enterprise data, social, news and numerous other content sources within one tool. ContentSeer’s analytics dashboards and intuitive search and discovery make this an indispensable tool for healthcare management and administration.


Track activities and events relating to your own and peer organizations, discover buzz and trends, gain insight based on voice of the patient analytics

Chief Medical Officer

See the latest information on medical treatments, drugs, clinical trials, patents, CMS and FDA activity. Track community health analytics from social media.

Legal Counsel

Discover risk to your organization, internal governance issues, potential litigation. We cover topics such as aquisition, employee issues, policy updates, governance, litigation and more.


Conduct due diligence on vendors, suppliers.  Quickly search for relevant reimbursement information.  Discover impending policy changes that could impact operations.


Find the latest information on reimbursement policies based on health condition, billing codes and organization – e.g. Medicare, private payers.  These are often lengthy PDF documents leading to poor search results. ContentSeer indexes and organizes this information by health conditions as well as organizatrions – Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance agencies. All the information you need, at your fingertips with content being refreshed regularly.  

Community Health Analytics

Market health services based on community health statistics gleaned from analyzing local social media.  See what health topics are trending in your area in real-time.

Search and Discovery

If you currently use Google for finding relevant information, you will love ContentSeer™’s intuitive search and discovery capabilities – no need to wade through pages of ads and irrelevant content!

Curated Content:  We have already identified thousands of content sources relevant to the healthcare industry. This includes social media, news, government content feeds such as FDA, CMS etc.  We perform context sensitive tagging of names and avoid false hits. 

Drill-down: Dive deeper into topics by drilling down through dynamic “facets”.  For example, a search on “health exchange” can easily be filtered down by clicking on a drop-down list of states to get regional information.  A search on Aetna can be filtered based on their Facebook fan pages to obtain more direct voice of the patient feedback.

Discover:  Discover companies, people, topics, drugs, etc. related to your search topic.

Reports: Export selected content to reports and email the reports to your colleagues.  ContentSeer™ is the one tool that allows you to complete your work most effectively.

Curated Health Content for More Effective Patient Engagement Portals

ContentSeer™ offers healthcare organizations a unique competitive advantage in the marketplace by facilitating improved communication with patients, via improved patient engagement portals.  Today, patients spend many hours searching for health-related content relevant to their conditions.  An effective patient portal should deliver personalized content – health and wellness information, events, videos, blogs- based on the patients’ medical background. ContentSeer™ provides compelling reasons for patients to stay engaged with your provider network.

Enhance customer experience at web portals through better search and automatic content recommendation. Suggest related medical documents, videos and blogs – No need for Google!

Imagine if patients could get all their health information at one place, and even better, have personalized content delivered to them.  With ContentSeer™ Healthcare, you can offer this valuable service to your patients through patient engagement portals!

ContentSeer™ offers effective patient engagement without requiring access to private data.

ContentSeer™ tags your public content AND external content with: SEO Keywords, ICD codes, customer friendly terms.

Patient Portals provide personalized search and recommendations by matching metadata from patient profiles with vetted content.

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