About Us

Content Savvy was launched to address the growing demand for “big data” solutions based on deep, multilingual text mining. The core NLP technology was developed and honed over a decade through support from the Department of Defense as well as private investment. Content Savvy is led by  Rohini K. Srihari, who has extensive experience in providing sophisticated text analytics solutions and services to both commercial and government customers. She has given numerous talks and published extensively in the areas of text mining, social media mining, and multilingual text analysis. She is supported by a team of professionals with experience in the areas of scientific discovery (machine learning, computational linguistics, data mining), product development and system engineering.

The Board of Content Savvy includes some of our angel investors. They bring extensive experience in the following areas: (i) serving on the boards of several  IT companies including startups and established ones, (ii) experience in engineering, delivery, sales, marketing and general management positions in the Americas, Europe and Asia/Pacific, and (iii) based in Silicon Valley with experience in investor relations, fund raising and portfolio development.