ContentSeer™ Features & Benefits

ContentSeer™ is powered by a sophisticated language understanding system that represents a best-of-breed hybrid of linguistic and machine learning technologies.  This is in recognition of the fact that language is complex, and requires a wide arsenal of techniques to arrive at meaning.  ContentSeer’s NLP engine has been incorporated in a wide variety of solutions ranging from defense intelligence to healthcare, manufacturing & marketing.  It leverages numerous knowledge resources in order to deliver comprehensive content enrichment spanning numerous industries.   

ContentSeer™ is an integrated solution.  Content ingestion, contextual analysis of content, and visualization are all critical elements of a comprehensive content enrichment and analytics solution. Many solutions do just one or two of these things. ContentSeer  does all three, including semantic search capabilities.

Features & Benefits

ContentSeer Features & Benefits

What We Provide

  • Superior entity, relationship, event extraction that captures real meaning and relationships across multiple verticals
  • Native language semantic analysis in Chinese, Arabic,  and other languages
  • A complete solution with integrated content acquisition, enrichment, and analytics dashboard
  • Powerful Semantic Search capabilities
  • Configurable
  • Flexible deployment options that deliver enriched data for business intelligence and reporting applications
  • Experts in text mining, machine learning, natural language processing, and search
  • Rated #1 by US Government

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