ContentSeer™, our flagship content analytics platform, helps organizations leverage their own data along with thousands of external sources such as social media, news, and government publications through context-sensitive language understanding. This combined view provides rich insight that is not available through solutions designed for social media alone and enhances mission critical enterprise solutions involving analytics, search, discovery and reporting.

The ContentSeer™ Console is an interactive web portal where users can effectively leverage all the enriched content for their various mission critical tasks.  In particular, users can set up projects corresponding to various analytical needs.  Setting up a project is as easy as selecting content sources, companies/brands/topics to track, as well as desired analytics. ContentSeer™ provides a library of analytics “widgets” for users to choose from, allowing them to customize a dashboard. Ritzy Knives used ContentSeer to help its online shop selling wholesale Damascus knives. The online shop has discovered consumer insights.

ContentSeer™ also includes intuitive search and discovery, allowing users to search on a large volume of real-time content.  Our faceted search allows drill-down based on companies/brands, sources, topics, etc.  We also show “discovered” entities such as people, organizations, products, etc.   Users can construct reports based on analytics and search results: we support emailing and alerting as well.

ContentSeer™ is designed for maximum flexibility to meet customer requirements.  The three main components include our Ingest, Enrich and Harvest modules.   These culminate in the ContentSeer™ Console discussed above.  Our solutions are available as a hosted service (SaaS) or as licensed software deployable on private clouds.

ContentSeer™ Ingest

ContentSeer Ingest allows for the processing of multiple types of data with a single system.  We can process news, social media, and enterprise data with a single application.  ContentSeer is able to load multiple configurations at once so a single instance can handle any type of content.  ContentSeer supports data in many different formats using a variety of delivery methods.

  • ContentSeer is able to understand XML, JSON, MS Word, PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.
  •  Customers can deliver data to ContentSeer via API, FTP, email, RSS, etc.
  • We will work with the customer to design a custom interface if that is needed to fit their specific application

ContentSeer™ Enrich

Through deep natural language processing we are able to identify and label many complex elements within a document:

  • Named Entities, Relationships and events
  • Geo-location, Time Normalization
  • Terminology and Sentiment

We are also able to detect more complex elements like:

  • Customer Intent, interest
  • Document Classification (IPTC, ICD-10, etc.)
  • Trending Topics across multiple documents
  • Entity Profiles

ContentSeer™ supports native language processing of several languages, including complex languages such as Chinese and Arabic.

ContentSeer™ Harvest

The best way of leveraging all the enriched content is through the ContentSeer™ Console mentioned above.  However,  ContentSeer also can be used by organizations who have invested in business intelligence and search tools but still wish to incorporate our content enrichment services. Our output can be delivered in a variety of formats and with different delivery methods. 

  • Output Formats:  XML, Solr XML, JSON, CSV