ContentSeer™ offers a range of solutions designed to help organizations gain competitive advantage.  These range from competitive intelligence and marketing to solutions focused on leveraging enterprise content for enhanced search and discovery. Competitive Intelligence, Reputation and Risk Automatically track your competitors as well as the industry regarding new health initiatives, policies, and management. ContentSeer™ provides rich analytics on media

ContentSeer™ Features & Benefits

ContentSeer™ is powered by a sophisticated language understanding system that represents a best-of-breed hybrid of linguistic and machine learning technologies.  This is in recognition of the fact that language is complex, and requires a wide arsenal of techniques to arrive at meaning.  ContentSeer’s NLP engine has been incorporated in a wide variety of solutions ranging from defense


ContentSeer™, our flagship content analytics platform, helps organizations leverage their own data along with thousands of external sources such as social media, news, and government publications through context-sensitive language understanding. This combined view provides rich insight that is not available through solutions designed for social media alone and enhances mission critical enterprise solutions involving analytics, search, discovery and reporting.

ContentSeer™ Healthcare

Content Savvy offers two compelling, hosted solutions for the healthcare industry. ContentSeer Console: Analytics as a Service for Healthcare Management and Administration Curated Health Content: for Personalized Patient Engagement Portals ContentSeer™ Console for Healthcare Management and Administration How do you monitor patient feedback that could be helpful in marketing or foreshadowing a risk to your organization? How